Wednesday, September 9, 2009


January 9, 2008
In this day and age, it is imperative that we use every means possible to reach this nationbefore it is too late. The world around us is going into third level of hell, and the onlyforce on Earth that can stop is the bride of Christ, which for the most part is sleeping inZion. The Church is God's avenue of redemption to our culture. In this day and hour Godis calling his people into his presence to be equipped and armed to drive hell out of ourschools, home, and the streets. Now is the time to Go to the throne room of the Most Holy, and get the word straightfrom the source, the pure Word of God, that has not been deluded by corporate America,Hollywood, or religion. We need to grab the sword that can cut straight to the heart of sin, the sword wielded bythe Holy Spirit. God is looking for people who will forsake what they think, or, feel, and beused by the Breath of Life to speak to the real issues, the sin that is bringing death to our culture.
We are called as world rockers not pew warmers. The sin that will destroy this nation is not that of atheist, or the homosexual or politicalcommunity, but that of his compromise people. We are called to channels of livingwater, but have not been so, because we are preoccupied with drinking water from the world'swells. The word of the Lord for this time is clear come out of the world and be separate.If my people who are called by name will humble themselves and pray, seek my face, andturn from their wicked way then I will hear from heaven for give their sins, and heal theirland. When we truly turn from our worldliness and embrace the kingdom of God, claim hold ofwho we are in Christ we will be used by The Lord to bring Heaven to Earth. It all beginswith us seeking to know how him, not just know about him. Those who know their Godwill do exploits and today is a day when exploits are needed, to reach all that can bereached, because the time is short and God is not willing that any should perish. Now is the time to seek God with all of our hearts, all of our passions, all of our desires. If we give him of all of us, he will show the world the fullness of the gospel of thekingdom, through us. If we die to ourselves we will become the kernel of wheat , thatperishes and brings forth a huge harvest. We must be willing to suffer the loss of allthings, so that we can gain the kingdom of God on Earth.This world is passing away, and is reserved for the judgment that is soon to come. Thereis no point to holding on to it now, the present order of things will soon give way to anorder that, will be forever.We are entering into the darkest times, when God will shine his greatest glorious lightthrough those that will pour themselves out like drink offerings before their God.

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