Thursday, August 19, 2010


The road of holiness has been paved the blood of the Son of God , who knew no sin, but became sin that we may become the righteousness of God in him. The blood was spilled for the purose of purifying us, by purging our sin, and creating within us a Holy habitation, in which God set up residence.

The purpose of the Cross is to make each one that believes a Holy tabernacle, where the presence of God resides.

If we remove all sin from our lives he will dwell with us, and his presence will be a fortress, and shield to us. Jesus is a tower of refuge, for all who turn to him in repentance. All who turn from the evil of their own ways, shall know his presence, and his presence sets the enemy to flight.

Many of God's people today want freedom from the onslaught of the Devil, but yet they let the Devil have a legal foot hold in their lives, by knowingly and willingly allowing sin in their lives. God is Holy and he will not abide with evil of any sort, just like light will not abide with darkness.

I you say you walk in the light, and take part in the ways of this world, you are a liar, and walk in deception. The ways of this world the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life come not from the Father of life, but from the ruler of this present darkness, the very power of the ruler of the air, namely that old serpent the Devil.

The way of life is narrow and straight, and defined in the person of Jesus Christ. Everything that Jesus did was in perfect faith toward the Father. That which is of faith is always pleasing to God. That which is not is always sin, and in Gods sight dung. The only way to walk with God is in complete conformity to his son Jesus Christ. If lean toward anythiong else you are not a worshiper of God, but an idolater, and unless you repent your fate shall be the same as those that worshipped the golden calves in the wilderness, God had comaned his people to be Holy as he is Holy. With this comand Gos also the power to walk in it, so that no man is with an exscuse for not being Holy.

As Jesus gave the command to Peter to come to him, in the midst of the storm, and received that command and received the power to walk on the water, so does Jesus today gives us command to be Holy, and if any recive that command he will have the power to walk over the waters in these days when the storms of wickedness are at it's greatest. The only way to fail to walk the road of holiness is to reject the very word of our savior. Those that grab on to Jesus in this day and hour will rise above all hardships, those that do not will drown. Choose this day who you will serve, and Lord will choose the victors.


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