Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The revealed word as opposed to institutional education

The Church's relationship with is defined as a marriage in the light of scripture, a vital union between Christ and his bride [ Church]. Marriage requires constant communication between each partner in oder to survive. Now if a groom on his wedding night, gave his bride a book, and told her"honey I wrote this for you, so I never have to speak to you again", it would pretty much kill the marriage before it had a chance to grow strong. Those who study the Bible with out a heart to commune and have fellowship with God is like a bride that has no hope of talking with her husband. The Lord God of Heaven has been and always will be interactive with his people, because he is a good husband to his bride. As a good husband God lovingly speaks to his bride constantly, and in doing so showers her with affection. Father, son, and Holy Ghost, are defined in scripture, a being one living person. It is this living God that we have relationship with. We can only have fellowship and intimacy with that which is alive and living. A book is not alive or living, but the one who wrote is. In high school English class, the program usually starts out with, exploring the back ground of the author of a piece of literature, before actually reading the literature. This is done for the purpose of gaining a deeper understanding of where the author is coming from, to best understand what he is saying. When you read the Bible you gain knowledge, when God speaks to your heart you gain understanding of that knowledge. All scripture is summed up in one, and that one being the risen Lord Jesus Christ. As one lives in a relationship with Christ, and Christ reveals himself more the able one becomes in understanding the book the he has written , namely the Bible. In the current state of Christianity, we search the Book to understand the creator, when we should be doing the opposite, we should search the creator, to understand the book that he wrote.

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