Wednesday, September 9, 2009

life worth living

I see life here from the perspective of eternity. The momentary afflictions that we experience here, paving the way for us to receive a greater weight of glory for eternity, providing that we keep true to the Lord onto the end, and by the faith of the Son of God.Jesus said that "In this world you will have troubles, but be of good courage for I have over come the world."The Spirit of Christ is imparted onto every believer so that we may live strengthen by the almighty power of God in our inward man. By the greatness of his presence from within we have all we need not only to get through this life, but to rise above all situations and circumstances, just as the Lord rose above every situation in his life, including the horror that he went through on the Cross.When I compare what he went through during his life on Earth I realize that what I go through is little by comparison. He literally bore the sins and illness of every man upon himself, and lived to pour himself like drink offering in service to his Father in service to his fellow man, knowing that his own hated him and would turn on him. Before he began his ministry he already knew how it would end, and in spite of that he still lived a life marked by love, and mercy.The Bible describes Jesus as a man acquainted with griefs, an acquainted with many sorrows. I could not imagine what it was like for him seeing men that was created to be like, blinded by the Devil and on their way to hell,and refusing to accept the salvation that he was freely offering. For these men he saw all the horror that was for them, through eternity. He saw it all in all it's fullness, and it broke his heart daily. To know the love of God is to heart that breaks when sin is before your eyes, because you are aware that it brings death.Jeremiah and the prophets of old knew his love, and because they knew his love they reached out, to wayward people to turn them from their sin, knowing very well that it could cost them their lives, and in fact, most of them were murdered for giving God's message because, because they did not love their lives unto death.The faith heroes of old had a fore shadow of the promise of his presence resting in his presence how much more should the love of God rest in us because we actually have the reality of that,promise, living in us. This life more than worth living if we let the love of God consume our live like the the fire of God consumed the bush that Moses saw. We have been created in Christ Jesus to be just like that bush. We are to be as lights in this world that can not be put out by the present darkness, because the light that is within every believer in the light of the risen Lord of Glory. All the troubles of this world does is to strip away the outer shell to reveal the greatest of what God has done through his work at calvary.Look over this post carefully, I started talking, but the Lord took over.

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