Saturday, September 12, 2009


I am fed up with the status quot, type of Christianity today that is quite prevalent. We have

not been the light to this culture as we should have been. All day long the unsaved tell

they are seeing the word if God being completed our headlines, they see the wrath about

to fall, they are looking for the way. We the people of God know that way, but we are

ineffective in conveying the truth, because we are in a deep sleep, relaxed in our religious

comfort zones.

The world sees what is happening in the decay of the family unit, the scarcity of jobs.

The increase of violence. And the world as it was in the days of Noah. They are now

ready for the truth. They knock at the doors of the house of God ,but few answer because

few want to get out of bed, to answer the knock.

We are like Jesus in the cabin sleeping, as the world plays the part of the disciples trying

to wake us up, so our God can calm the storm for them.

Jesus got up to speak to the wind and the waves, and brought peace to the tempest. He

wants to do the same thing through his people today, but we refuse to acknowledge the

storm exist, we rather sleep in Zion, then answer the cry of the dying want to be saved.

The unsaved comes among looking for answers and they see us impersonate the

Pharisees, in secularized rituals. They see the fall of the Earthly kingdom around them, as

we mimic the dying world that they want to be saved from.

Instead of living by the eternal life that is to live by intimate knowledge of the savior, and

God the father who sent him John 17:3.

We are called to branches on the vine of Christ be we have forsaken ,that for degrees on

the walls.

Abraham's life stands as a testimony against the Church system today. He was raised in a

land that worshipped the Gods of fire and light. The were no religious institutions to tell

him of his creator, all he had was to testimony of the creation mentioned in Romans

1:19'20, and he knew there was a God that he needed to seek. He sought for his God

diligently, and God blessed him by revealing himself. Abraham had only a voice in the

wind, but he knew it was God, he heard ,and he obeyed.

Today we have the combined testimonies of the creation, the law of Moses, the writings

of the prophets, the testimony of Jesus himself recorded in the Gospels, and the teaching

of the Holy Apostles. We are more accountable than ever because of all we have been

blessed with, but we have lost the intimacy that Abraham had with God.

We claim to be led by the Spirit ,but Abraham truly was. We marvel at the exploits of the

great heroes of faith, but fail to relaxed that they lived before the bible was completed,

they did exploits because they knew their God, we are ineffective because we do not. Our

spiritual intimacy has been replaced with knowledge. Has this made us better, or has it

made like the Pharisees who Christ rebuked saying "you study the scriptures and you

think in them you have eternal life and they are the very things that testify of me. The

knowledge of those religious men blinded them, so they could not see the Glory of their

God in flesh form.

The Christ came to bring us not information but in intimate relationship with our creator

through the sacrifice of his cross.

Death burial of Christ gives us life, the information of the bible brings us accountability,

for our sin, the Spirit of Life in Christ sets us free from sin ,and death

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